Does your company have an online sales portal?  In today’s economy, it’s do or die. In fact, there are many studies showing up to 83%  of today’s customers not only expect to buy your products/services online, over 90% of them also expect human customer service if the online sales system doesn’t answer their questions.  Moreover, over 50% of web traffic is mobile/smartphone, so your solution better be mobile-enabled!

But how can a small company build, deploy, SEO, and manage an online sales system and a call center?  SalesStryke is your answer.

The SalesStryke Sales System combines a low cost, rapid deployment, mobile-enabled online sales system with customer call center support for your customers.  Our powerful software solution first geo-locates your customers to determine if their address is serviceable by your company (could be a neighborhood, route, city, state, or the entire country, you define!).  Then, if the customer is in your service area, the corresponding services and pricing will be viewable as a quote and as an online contract with e-sig and e-pay portal. All sales data can be exported or accessible via our api.    

For your customers who prefer human interactions, we offer customer call center sales and support.  To add even more value to your company, SalesStryke also offers business and financial consulting to prepare your company for explosive growth.